A Family Affair

We are proud to say we are a Three Generation business of Grape Growers and Wine Makers! “Keeping it in the family” is important to Long Cliff, and there’s no doubt that the camaraderie not only improves our work experience, but it leaves a lasting impact on our customers, who quickly realize our love of wine runs through our veins – quite literally!

Meet Our Family:


  • Donald “Grandpa” DeMaison: Don has a passion: producing excellent grapes- which he has spent the past four decades mastering.  Wine making is his life, tracing his farming roots back to his Great Great Grandfather who emigrated from the Alsace region of France.  As the President of Long Cliff Vineyard & Winery, Inc., Don works as grape grower, winemaker and entrepreneur;  completely dedicated to producing vinifera wines of superb quality.  On any given day he can be found taking on whatever tasks Long Cliff might demand of him, whether it be paperwork or vineyard labor, but what he seems to enjoy most is guiding the family business toward their vision.  It was Don who brought us together to help him chase his dreams, and we thank God everyday that he did!
  • Kevin DeMaison: He’s infamous in the Tasting Room for his Barrel Tastings, always offering customers sneak peeks of what’s up and coming for Long Cliff, but Kevin’s real skill is in viticulture. Raised a grape farmer, Kevin has fond memories of coming home from school to work out in the vineyard, (and taking a few naps between the rows when he thought no one was looking!) He got away from the grape business in his adult life, launching his own successful landscaping and snowplow business in the nineties, but he couldn’t refuse the offer to come back and give good old Dad a hand when Don first pitched his winery dream over a family dinner, “and I’m sure glad I did!” he says. “There’s nothing like being out in those rows in the middle of summer… I swear you can hear those silly things talking to you!”
  • Robert Barron: Despite putting in 50 hours a week at his factory job, Rob still finds time to help his step-dad out at the winery during the weekends- harvesting, pressing, racking, filtering, bottling (and all the odd jobs in between.) Not one for conversation, his appearances in the tasting room are brief (and even briefer during hunting season,) usually consisting of a smile and a nod of acknowledgement in passing. But he’s notorious for peeking his head through the door connecting the fermentation room to the tasting room when a tour bus rolls in and making sure the girls have it under control with a thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • Danielle DeMaison: Danielle hesitantly came into the family business in the summer of 2012, a little nervous about working under the direction of her family patriarchs. But as it turns out, taking orders from Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Rob wasn’t so bad… and so far as the tasting room was concerned, they quickly realized they would be taking orders from her. So that they can better devote their time to the vineyard and the fermentation room, Danielle shooed “the boys” to their delegated duties and took charge of directing all tasting room activites- managing facebook and the blog, handling events both at the winery and offsite, and of course: conducting tastings and sales with the help of “her girls!”
  • Kev “My Kid” DeMaison: Coming straight to work after school, Kev worked as a faithful apprentice during harvest season… (which translates to: “tell My Kid I expect him to be on the clock by 3pm!”) He makes himself sparse during the winter months however, only reporting to the winery when his video game & pizza fund starts to diminish- leaving our tasting room staff tracking down his whereabouts when Kevin comes in asking “Hey! Where’s My Kid today?!” ……isn’t it funny how history repeats itself?

We get by with a little help from our Friends… Meet the Tasting Room Girls:

  • Ashley: So often mistaken for Danielle (and by often, we mean 5-6 times a day), that she no longer corrects people, Ashley is our self-appointed second in command in the tasting room.  Having grown up together, the girls are partners in crime, and it’s usually Ashley who accompanies Danielle to offsite tasting events- where they’re known to spend more time gabbing and laughing with customers than they do actually pouring wine.  Along with tasting room duties, she’s often on the receiving end of Danielle’s emergency requests via endless text messages, thereby regularly preventing the catastrophe of the week.
  • Sara: Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile and soft-spoken nature… Sara is a beast in the tasting room: This girl can sell! Our resident “Wine Pairing Expert,” her passion for food and wine often comes up with customers, convincing them to walk out the door with more than one bottle! Don’t believe us? Put her to the test! And while Danielle is STILL begging her to start producing a weekly “Cooking with Long Cliff” YouTube Vlog, a little customer input just might convince her.

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