Between the Wines: A Wine Lover’s Book Club

I’m the kind of girl who will read anything. Always have been. Fiction and non-fiction alike, if you put a book in front of me, I won’t put it down until I’ve finished it and I love telling people about the newest book I’ve added to my collection… In a sudden moment of brilliance (or maybe insanity) I’ve decided to combine my two favorite things- reading and wine; attempting to launch Long Cliff Winery’s Monthly Book Club. “Our love of wine is the fraternal bond that brings us together, and it is the lubricant that stimulates our conversation.”

With a constantly rotating reading list, we will meet at the winery the third Tuesday of the month (starting May 21st) to talk about words and wine…. And drink a little too (;


In May, we’re reading Jay McInerney’s A Hedonist in the Cellar, a collection of essays and anecdotes from a novelist and wine writer with humble beginnings in a liquor store in Syracuse, NY.

As I’m learning about the family business (and the wine industry as a whole) this book stood out to me because it’s approachable… So many other texts I’ve picked up are just that- texts. Lengthy and wordy and… Well… Boring. A Hedonist in the Cellar reads more like an intimate conversation however.

“McInerney’s wine judgements are sound, his anecdotes witty, and his literary references impeccable. Not many wine books are good reads; this one is.” -The New York Times

We’ll be posting a full list of monthly reads soon, right now we’re still researching titles and authors (and taking suggestions, whether they be romances, mysteries, novellas or non-fiction), but we hope you’ll join us for this after hours party at 6pm on May 21st to talk about this particular series of adventures in wine! Refreshments will be served, and you can feel free to bring a dish to pass! Or, if your reading inspires the purchase of a particular bottle of wine, you can always feel free to share that too (; this book is full of great suggestions! (And has Chinese Food pairings too, so I’m thinking we might need some Asian Takeout! Seriously.)

See you then?
-d. ❤ xo.

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