A Taste of Heaven

A Taste of Heaven...

OUR 2011 LABELS HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY THE TTB! Not only does this mean we will soon be able to start selling our 2011 vintage, but we can finally launch our long-awaited “Blauer Himmel.”

The name, which is German, translates to “Blue Heaven,” and a taste of heaven is exactly what you get with this red wine. A blend of three different grapes, it is composed primarily of the Blaufrankisch variety, and has a 1% sugar content- making it the perfect pizza/pasta wine.

Blauer is extra special to the Long Cliff family however, not just for its unique taste- two years ago we lost “Grandma Judy,” Don’s bride of 21 years, and though she’s not with us today, she stood beside us as the grapes were planted & supported the opening of Long Cliff Winery as the ultimate goal. We couldn’t let the vision Don & Judy had together come to life without some dedication back to her.

While we’re not quite ready for an official label reveal yet, we don’t mind dropping a few hints… The labels (blue obviously, which was also her favorite color, not so coincidentally) feature her name scrawled in grape vines across the top, as well as a halo and angel wings in each of the four corners. Each time a bottle leaves the rack and goes out the door, we know it’ll be Grandma Judy (Mom) patting us on the back and saying “Good Job Boys!”

Our 2011 Estate Grown & Bottled “Blauer Himmel” will be available sometime this August.
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