She Has Arrived


After a slight delay, Blauer Himmel FINALLY hit the racks yesterday!

The labels were supposed to be available for pickup Wednesday, but a slight hiccup caused a delay, and they weren’t available until noon on Thursday… Two hours after opening.  When Don finally walked through the tasting room door with labels in hand at 3pm, Danielle was already giving customers a tasting, and they actually watched us bring the brand new bottles straight from the back room for them and stick the label on while we spoke… We sold 3 bottles in the first 15 minutes!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s safe to say Blauer Himmel has arrived!

Our good friend Walter, (unofficial blogger of the Niagara Wine Trail), stopped by at closing to celebrate its release with us & we talked over a glass of wine and his homemade truffles- we learned Blauer Himmel and Chocolate pair together HEAVENLY (see what I did there?), and by the end of his visit the boys were already talking about what’s next for Long Cliff…..

I think I heard mention of a “Crackling Pinot Magic” ?! Guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out (;

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