The Tradition Continues…

What a week it’s been! When asked last week what exactly our Old Fashioned Corn Roast is, I described it as our last big celebration before we become completely consumed with work during our busy Autumn Harvest season. And oh boy, I surely wasn’t kidding- we have been very busy bees this week, but I found a spare minute this afternoon and still wanted to take a chance to thank everyone who came out to visit us last Saturday!

Our 2nd Annual Corn Roast was bigger and better than last year- and even more successful!  And none of it would have been possible without our amazingly supportive friends and customers.  We couldn’t have been happier with our response from our guests!  It certainly seemed that everyone had a good time, and the addition of our bonfire was a major hit!  People lingered chatting and laughing well into the evening.  From my family to yours, thank you, a thousand times, thank you.

And of course, the wine service was not the only highlight of the evening… We can’t forget the wonderful food, as always, and service provided by Frank and Rachel of Dispenza’s Meat Market and Slaughterhouse!  Thank goodness for their willingness to jump on board with us again this year- we look forward to their partnership in this lasting tradition.  And though I wasn’t able to sneak out of the tasting room for much of her performance, I have heard rave reviews of Savannah King’s performance during the dinner.  I was able to pick up one of her CD’s however and have enjoyed it in the car this past week (;


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I could not work with (or for) a better team of people.  My girls in the tasting room are more than just staff, they are some of my nearest and dearest friends.  It is because of their hard work and constant reassurance that we were able to pull this off successfully for the second year in a row.  I know I’m speaking not just for myself, but for my dad and grandfather as well, when I say these girls are what keeps our tasting room running (and the wine flowing!).  Thank you ladies, for all that you do.  (and a big thank you to Ashley’s Dad Michael, who let me share his awesome photos of the evening with all of you!)

Again, to everyone who came out for the celebration from far and wide this year, please know how much we appreciate your kindness and support!  We look forward to seeing you again for our 3rd Annual Corn Roast!


…I do hope you plan on joining us!  Mark your calendars: August 8, 2015.  We’re gonna need a bigger tent!

-d. xo.