We’re excited to announce today that Savannah King is returning to Long Cliff this summer for our 3rd Annual Old Fashioned Corn Roast!  

Savannah is a local artist who started her career as a solo acoustic act, but now enjoys performing with her band- Savannah and the Kings– and together they released their first full length studio album, “Bold and Unsteady” this past April.

“”Bold & Unsteady,” which marries King’s stellar alt-pop songcraft – think Sarah McLachlan with more of an edge – to supple, subtle and beautifully orchestrated contributions from her new band…”
   -Jeff Miers, The Buffalo News

We’re looking forward to following Savannah’s musical career, and can’t wait to have her take the stage for us again this year at our favorite annual event!  See you all on August 8th!  Don’t forget to order your tickets online early!