From our Farm to Your Table

Over and over again in the last 3 months, Grandpa’s reminded us that he’s seen a lot in his 70-plus years, but he’s never seen anything like this.

As much as our small family winery has always been his passion project because of his love of wine, it’s also been a means for him to take care of his family.

Then COVID-19 changed the game.

In a world of uncertainty it’s become super important to him to know where his family’s food is sourced. And we know it’s important to you too…

So this year Grandpa’s taking care of us all by expanding our family garden & planting enough to share– because you’re our family too, and TOGETHER, we keep growing! #stillfarming

The roadside pumpkin stand you already know and love is opening earlier and offering SO MUCH MORE this year! We will be ready to rock & roll VERY SOON for you to stop in and purchase all your self-serve, locally sourced produce needs, grown right on our three generation farm!

Stay tuned for harvest dates & more details – and get ready for the following:
Carrots 🥕 – Tomatoes 🍅 – Green Beans – Onions 🧅 – Sweet Corn 🌽 – Peppers 🌶 – Summer Squash & Winter Squash – Wine grapes (& home winemaking supplies!) 🍇 – Zucchini – Cabbage 🥬 – Beets- Eggplant 🍆 – Strawberries, Peaches & world-famous Niagara County apples from our neighboring fruit farms! 🍓🍑🍎 – and, (of course), pumpkins in the Fall! 🎃

We can’t wait to see you in our tasting room again. But in the meantime, we hope you’ll visit us in our new roadside stand! Swing by to pick up your Farm-To-Table dinner needs, or just to wave & say “hey” from a safe social distance😉 And remember: you can still purchase your favorite Long Cliff wines for curbside pickup, or SHIPPING (available in 38 states!)

We miss you all.