You know that feeling at about 9:30pm on Christmas when you look around your living room at the piles of new toys and garbage bags full of wrapping paper and you have to ask yourself, “I’ve spent the last 24 days preparing for this and now it’s already over?!” ………it’s safe to say that’s how we felt looking around our tasting room post Hallo-Wine festivities today.
It was a weekend filled with craziness, and our tasting room girls, (plus a few extra helpers- special thanks to our good friends who stepped in and filled any job we needed, from bar front to security to parking attendant!! Lori, Mike & Yvonne & as always, Walter Quinn of Where Buffalo Wines) were working elbow to elbow keeping glasses full! We should all get one of those amusement ride of terror “I Survived” T-Shirts! (;

…we seriously have the best staff (and friends) in the world!! Thank you or making this weekend possible for us!!

We hope everyone had a blast this weekend, we loved seeing all our guests in costume!! We’re looking forward to you coming back to visit!

…but in the meantime, we’ve got some cleaning up to do! Lots more exciting things to start preparing for here at Long Cliff!

And P.S. if you ask me, the murderer in our Hallowine mystery event HAD to have been Morgan Pierpoint Negie!! Just sayin (;