Oh What a Night!

Every bottle I reached for was empty. I apologized to the customer at the bar while I grabbed an unopened one and a corkscrew and shifted over to the register. “One bottle of Hennepin Niagara? That’ll be $9.99!” I popped the cork and returned to the bar while I waited for their credit card to process , filling the patiently waiting customer’s glass and then addressing the room as a whole: “I’ve got Blauer Himmel open & in hand- who wants a pour?”

And thus was the scene for most of the night. Our FIRST ANNUAL Old Fashioned Corn Roast was a major success. By far, it was the largest event we have hosted at Long Cliff, and while I admit that I was a little overwhelmed at times, I can not express enough how happy I am with the turnout… or how proud I am of my family for working together to make last night happen! (which I’ve come to learn “family” means not only my dad, grandpa, and uncle Rob, but EVERYONE at Long Cliff who makes our everyday operations possible- including our vineyard laborers who stepped in helping us set up tents, running errands to pick up last minute supplies, and never stopped asking me “is there anything else you need Danielle?” and of course “my girls:” Sara, who found us a band and spent her morning wrapping 150 sets of silverware, & Ashley, who even after I told her she could clock out & enjoy the night still returned to the bar every time she saw the crowd in the tasting room filling up!)  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I could not work with a better team of people.

I heard nothing but POSITIVE things at the bar all night, and the happy feedback I have received through facebook and my e-mail all morning has been so very appreciated. I am so very glad that everyone had a blast, and I look forward to seeing you all year after year!


With much anticipation, we FINALLY celebrated the unveiling of our Hennepin Niagara last night with free giveaways every half hour, and bottles flying off the shelves! $9.99 with tax is a nice easy number to remember when you’re ringing customers out in a hurry, but we sold so many bottles that I ran out of pennies half way through the night! (Thank you to all the customers who understood & told me I could keep the change!) As many of you now know there is both a “Hennepin Green,” which is your classic SWEET Niagara, and there is also my personal favorite- our dry “Hennepin Gold!” If you weren’t with us last night (and even if you were) I suggest you swing by our tasting room soon to try them both!

We also celebrated the re-release of our Blauer Himmel with a special toast to Grandma Judy at 8pm. We asked everyone to please step out of the tasting room and gather under the big tent for just a few minutes while we paid homage to one of the guiding lights that led us to this crazy dream. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re not only thankful for all of her love and patience over the years, but we’re overwhelmed with gratitude that she never stopped believing in “the dream” that is now Long Cliff.

(and also oatmeal raisin cookies. boy, do I miss those.)


The only thing that may have been more popular than the new releases last night though, was THE FOOD! Oh my goodness gracious THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Frank and Rachel of Dispenza’s Meat Market and Slaughterhouse who showed up early and stayed late, taking care of EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of dinner. All we were asked to supply was the silverware, and they took care of everything else, from prep to serving to clean up. Seriously, if you’re ever looking for a picnic/bbq caterer, these two are the BEST! And if you’re reading this thinking “yeah I could seriously go for another one of those gourmet burgers right now!” they sell them in their shop both by the pound and by the case! For all of you who have said such kind things on our Facebook page this morning, PLEASE click on their page and share the love! Last night COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without their hard work!


Today Dad, Uncle Rob, Ashley and I are returning to Long Cliff early to clean up the bar and take down the tents from last night… I think the goal is to get it all packed away before Grandpa and Shelley get home from church so he can just relax and reflect on the success that was our First ever Old Fashioned Corn Roast… but I’m not making any promises! Be prepared to change out of your Sunday Best and get your hands a little dirty Grandpa (;

Thank you again to everyone who came out! We’ll see you next year (August 9, 2014! Save the Date!)

-d. ❤ xo.