New Releases & Sell Outs!

Memorial Day weekend we released our new Sauvignon Doux, a sweetened take on our old classic.  100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this white wine is smooth and soft with ever so subtle notes of grapefruit & honey.
We ran a sample tasting before bottling during one of our book club meetings, and could tell from the group’s collective reactions that it was going to be popular… But we had no clue just HOW popular!  This limited run has flown off our shelves in the last month- and we’re down to our last 4 cases!  

If you were interested in tasting it (or already have and need a few more bottles for your collection), we can’t guarantee it will be available by the Old Fashioned Corn Roast!  Stop in this week and pick one up!  (You can purchase your Corn Roast tickets in store while you’re here!)


But don’t fret if you can’t make it out, we’re definitely planning to use some Sauvignon Blanc from this year’s harvest towards another run of this great new wine!  (You’ll just have to wait until next Spring for it to be ready again!)
We’re also excited to share our new Sweet Riesling, a nice addition to the Dry & Semi-Sweet versions we already carry.  And coming August 12th, our brand new Hennepin Cobalt, a deep, dark, sweet red!  We know many of you tasted this earlier this Spring and have been anticipating it’s release!

Our team has been working non-stop this past month, a job made easier with the addition of new cellar help.  Joe joins us after working in wineries & vineyards in Willamette Valley, the Finger Lakes & Napa Valley, and is responsible for keeping up with all the day-to-day operations that seldom get the glory of wine making, but have to get done for the process to continue!
Having new hands on deck to move, drain, sanitize & prep the barrels, bottling line, and other winemaking equipment allows Kevin & Don more time during the crucial growing season to actually be out in the vineyard, directing their focus on turning those precious grapes into liquid magic!

With so much happening, there’s never been a better time to stop out for a tasting or tour!
As always, please schedule an appointment for vineyard tours (or tastings of 6+ or more): 716-731-3316