Wine Wagon Express!

Last year Grandpa Don acquired an old Railway Express Agency Wagon and spent the better part of five months remodeling it from the wheels up! He had custom cabinetry built, and put in 400 man hours installing, sanding, staining, & polishing, while being sure to maintain the integrity of the original structure, all with the vision of pulling Long Cliff Vineyard & Winery’s Estate “Wine Wagon Express” to area Farmer’s Markets and events!

At the turn of the last century, these wagons served as baggage carts, pulling up alongside trains as they arrived into the station and offloading the express packages for delivery into town. The UPS of it’s time, the Railway Express Agency was known as the premier mode of shipping across country in a world before Amazon Prime. Having grown up with a father who worked for the railroad, Don has always had a particular nostalgia for trains and train memorabilia, and when he first saw this wagon, (although the only working & salvageable parts on it were the wheels,) he knew he had to have it for the winery.

“It’s unique! I’m a railroad nut & I said ‘Wow! It’s got potential!’ It’s very special for me, personally.”

There’s still plenty of chances to catch Long Cliff Vineyard & Winery’s signature Wine Wagon Express” this Season!
Mark your Calendar for the Following Dates:

8/3 – “Meet in the Center” Clarence Center Market
8/10 – Long Cliff’s 7th Annual Old Fashioned Corn Roast!
8/17 – Elmwood Village Farmer’s Market
8/24 – “Meet in the Center” Clarence Center Market
8/31- “Meet in the Center” Clarence Center Market
9/7 – “Meet in the Center” Clarence Center Market
9/14 – Elmwood Village Farmer’s Market
9/21 – Elmwood Village Farmer’s Market
9/28 – “Meet in the Center” Clarence Center Market
10/5 – Elmwood Village Farmer’s Market
10/12 – “Meet in the Center” Clarence Center Market