It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s (almost!) Harvest Season!

Harvest season is nearly here! The birds are back… which means the air canons soon will be, too! When the grapes begin to sweeten the birds begin to swarm, and one of our biggest challenges in the vineyard each year is keeping them from destroying the crop. Even more concerning than having them outright eat the fruit is the damage their tiny beaks can do as they peck holes into the berries & open entire bunches up to disease and rot!

We’ve been attempting to deter them the last two weeks by hanging reflective tape throughout the vineyard – you may have noticed it sparkling in the sun as you’ve driven past- and while this may have worked for a couple of days, a walk through the #PinotNoir today told us it’s time to roll out the big guns…

By using propane air-cannons for the 3-4 weeks between the start of ripening and the beginning of harvest in September, we hope to scare the birds off just long enough to save our precious grape bunches for our 2022 vintage!

To our neighbors: We apologize for the temporary disturbance of our quiet country living. We live onsite too, and know what a nuisance the sound can be in the mornings! Thank you for being such great sports each year! Don’t forget that we ALWAYS offer a “neighborhood discount” in the winery when you present your driver’s license with a Sanborn address… we just bumped that up to 30% now through Labor Day, as an extra thanks for putting up with us!

Home Winemakers – Contact us Today!

Time is of the essence to place orders for 2022 juice! We are in the final weeks before harvest, and will soon be reaching out to home vintners who have already pre-ordered juice regarding details on grape pressing and pickup! Don’t miss out on this season’s fresh fruit from our Niagara Escarpment farm. We are anticipating a smaller crop this year and may not be able to guarantee fulfillment for orders placed last minute.

Contact Don at 716-417-4145 to reserve your lot of juice or grapes for this season!

Additional supplies essential to home winemaking, including yeast, additives & equipment, are always kept on hand and are available on an ongoing basis throughout the year!

Full Hearts, Full Bellies, Thank you for joining us!

We had SO MUCH fun welcoming everyone back to the farm last weekend for our 10th Annual Old Fashioned Corn Roast! After two LONG years, it felt so perfect and so right to be celebrating summer with you again.

We had the greatest time! Thank you for making it happen!
YOU, who make our little farm family’s dream possible.

“Thank you” could never quite be enough.

We love you. We are so grateful for you.
See you next year! 8.12.23
(…Although I hope we’ll see you sooner!)