Long Cliff LIVE from SEAsonings!

Last night Dad & I were pouring at SEAsonings, the annual March food and wine tasting fundraiser for the AQUARIUM OF NIAGARA!

Dad only gave me a 15 minute break to leave our booth, so I had to see as much as I could as fast as I could! Next year I’m gonna have to make him & Grandpa work and I’m buying a ticket for myself!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you missed out on if you weren’t able to attend! (and believe me, you’re going to want to buy your tickets early for next year, it was truly an extravaganza!) So much food, so little time… But everything I tried was delicious!

Thank you to the Aquarium for asking us to be a part of this great fundraising event! We were so glad we could attend! (and I’m already looking forward to next year!)

-d ❀ xo.