A New Easter Tradition

Being 21 totally changed my Broadway Market experience yesterday, where I got to spend the morning *WINE TASTING*  in addition to picking out all my usual once-a-year goodies and treats.  I’ve been going there every Easter for as long as I can remember, but this is the first I’ve seen any wineries there.  I’m guessing I was just oblivious because I was underage, but believe me-  yesterday I took notice & wine tasting at the Broadway Market very quickly became a NEW Easter Tradition!! …actually, so far as traditions are concerned, I’m hoping NEXT Easter I can talk Grandpa into letting Long Cliff go as a vendor.  If you happen to see him in the next couple of weeks, do me a favor and mention that you really wish you’d seen us at the Market this year (;

If you’re headed there this holy weekend, make sure to visit our friends from the Niagara Wine Trail USA who have been set up all week pouring some of their finest wines!  We had a chance to say “hi” to Vizcarra Vineyards, Niagara Landing Wine Cellars & The Winery at Marjim Manor.  We also sampled some yummy Pechette from Victorianbourg Wine Estate (even though I know full well what it tastes like, I have a bottle of it in my fridge right now!  So good!) and stopped by Schulze Vineyards & Winery where I fought the temptation to buy yet another bottle of that sweet red “Ruby” and instead bought “Old Barn Red,” my first dry oaked red purchase (I’m moving up in the world!!)  We also tasted their ICE WINE! Yes, free samples of ice wine at the Broadway Market this weekend- PLUS they’re running an AWESOME sale on bottle purchases!!  (I say awesome from the customer point, but from a sales point I think they might be slightly crazy! It’s THAT good of a deal!)

And don’t forget to check out the members of the Lake Erie Wine Country! We especially liked 7 Vines Winery‘s Semi-Dry “Cruising Cayuga,” (the boyfriend ended up buying a bottle for his parents,) and my personal favorite, “Four Play:” a dry white comprised of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewurztraminer.  (I still get tongue tied every time I try to name that grape!)  The residual on this was at 0%, but the natural fruity sweetness of the grapes stood out, and even Jamison who’s still only drinking sweet wines, asked me “we’re getting a bottle of this right?!” …which we did- I figured it would make a nice Easter gift for Dad when I try to convince him we should take a day off soon and take the tasting room girls on a tour of the Chautauqua- Lake Erie Wine Trail.

We didn’t JUST wine taste, of course.  Jamison bought one of these nifty Beer Candles from Grape Country Candles, some of the biggest peanut butter cups I EVER saw in my life, (I gave up Chocolate for Lent, and boy oh boy was the Lord testing me yesterday!), and a giant bag of hot & fresh kettlecorn that the two of us may or may not have ALREADY finished off during the Pacers game last night (;   Mom also sent me with a list of necessary treats to pick up for Easter morning – which included a loaf of rye bread and of course, the DeMaison Family’s Famous “Butter Bars” from White Eagle Bakery… OMGOODNESS YUM!  If you have never tried one of these heavenly, buttery, sweet delicacies you better get your butt to the Broadway Market ASAP.  I could talk about these things all day long!  For me, Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without one of these on the breakfast table!!  Granted, it’ll mean putting extra hours in at the gym this week, but it’s beyond worth it!  I promise you!  If you’re at the Broadway Market this weekend, think of me and stop by White Eagle to pick one up.  You’ll thank me later!!

But if your plans don’t include the Broadway Market, why not make some time to stop by our tasting room?  This weekend’s your last chance to pick up that perfect bottle of wine for Easter Dinner (or if you’re in my family, Easter Brunch… where we’ll be pairing Pinot Gris with everything wonderful and delicious).  We have regular hours Good Friday and Holy Saturday, (10am-6pm,) but we will be CLOSED for Easter Sunday March 31st!

Today, I’m raising my glass to a Beautiful Holiday with family and friends!  Enjoy this wonderful Spring Weather we’ve been having!  STAY WARM!

-d. ❤ xo.