Good Books, Good Wine


The first meeting of our monthly Wine Lover’s Book Club was this past Tuesday, and we had a blast comparing notes and opinions on “A Hedonist In the Cellar” and then doing a little blind tasting inspired by our reading! we compared two different Pinot Gris wines to two different Pinot Grigios, each from different regions of the world, noting differences between the Alsatian style of the Gris and the “hearty Italian” Grigio. The reading definitely provided some thought provoking guidance to our tasting, but the consensus all around was that no amount of learning can tell you WHAT to taste… Which quite honestly is what makes wine so fun- there’s no right or wrong answers.


Next month we’re switching out of non-fiction into a little lighter reading- enjoying a murder mystery in wine country.

Colorful Characters, fascinating history, and winemaking detail blend with luminous prose in Ellen Crosby’s “sprightly” (Publisher’s Weekly) new tale of suspense set in Virginia’s lush wine country.

Copies of “The Riesling Retriubtion” by Ellen Crosby are now available in our tasting room, and when we meet WEDNESDAY JUNE 19th at 6pm you’re highly encouraged to bring along your favorite bottle of Riesling to share with the group (;