The Return of Book Club

After a short hiatus for the summer months, our Wino’s Book Club returns this fall, with a fun packed list of new reads for you!  The genre is on a rotating list- one month we may be reading a non-fiction wine guide and the next we’ll indulge in a murder mystery set in wine country…  there will be a little something for everyone, and plenty of wine to go around!

Make note that the date is changing!  Starting October 1st, we will meet the FIRST of every month @ 6pm right here at Long Cliff!  We ask that you please have read the book before attending, and if possible, bring your copy with you!  Each title is carefully chosen with two factors in mind: availability and cost.  Danielle is buying 5 “gently loved” copies of each selection, one for herself and the other 4 she’ll sell first come/first serve, so if you’d like one of these limited copies, get them before they’re gone!

For our OCTOBER 1ST MEETING, we will be reading Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris, (the bestselling author of Chocolat):

As a boy, writer Jay Mackintosh spent three golden summers in the ramshackle home of “Jackapple Joe” Cox. A lonely child, he found solace in Old Joe’s simple wisdom and folk charms. The magic was lost, however, when Joe disappeared without warning one fall.

Years later, Jay’s life is stalled with regret and ennui. His bestselling novel, Jackapple Joe, was published ten years earlier and he has written nothing since. Impulsively, he decides to leave his urban life in London and, sight unseen, purchases a farmhouse in the remote French village of Lansquenet. There, in that strange and yet strangely familiar place, Jay hopes to re-create the magic of those golden childhood summers. And while the spirit of Joe is calling to him, it is actually a similarly haunted, reclusive woman who will ultimately help Jay find himself again.

blackberry wine

Enjoy the sights and sounds and smells in this novel over a glass (or bottle)  of wine, and then join us as we chat about it together, and also talk about FRUIT WINE, a topic that doesn’t usually come to the table at Long Cliff, where we are strictly a vinifera house.

If you want to read ahead for future meetings, the following list will finish out the 2013 year…

November 1st Meeting, 6pm:  How to Dine on Killer Wine, by Penny Warner

December 1st Meeting, 6pm:  Immoveable Feast: a Parisian Christmas, by John Baxter