Talk, Snack, & Drink

With Hallowine now behind us, we’ve got another murder to solve!  Are you reading our October Book Club Read?  November 1st, our book club is meeting at Long Cliff to talk, snack, and drink to discuss this party-planning mystery “How to Dine on Killer Wine” by Penny Warner.


Presley Parker’s event-planning business is the toast of San Francisco. But when she ventures into Napa Valley to oversee her first wine tasting, an unexpected death could leave a stain on her reputation.…

For Presley Parker, a wine-tasting event at the boutique winery the Purple Grape is a job worth savoring. But she quickly discovers that, even in idyllic Napa Valley, local politics can have a bitter finish. JoAnne Douglas, president of the Green Grape Association environmental group, believes the wineries are damaging the local environment, and she’s determined to sabotage the event. But Presley manages to pull the party off without a hitch. Until JoAnne’s lifeless body is discovered under one of the tables….

JoAnne had plenty of enemies in the area, but all evidence points to Purple Grape owners Rob and Marie Christopher as the murderers. Now it’s up to Presley to clear their names before someone else gets corked.


Our no-membership required Wino’s Book Club meets in Long Cliff’s tasting room at 6pm on the first of each month.  The books are selected from a wide variety of different genres (with availability and cost in mind) on a rotating basis.  For convenience, Danielle tries to keep used copies available for sale in the tasting room (limited quantities!  Call ahead to reserve!)

All are welcome- we’d love to see you at our next meeting, so come out and join the fun!  Long Cliff supplies the killer wine, you supply the laughter!

Upcoming Reads:

November 1st Meeting, 6pm:  How to Dine on Killer Wine, by Penny Warner

December 1st Meeting, 6pm:  Immoveable Feast: a Parisian Christmas, by John Baxter


February 1st Meeting, 6pm:  Chocolate: a Bittersweet Saga of Dark & Light, by Mort Rosenblum

March 1st Meeting, 6pm:  The Sauvignon Secret, by Ellen Crosby

April 1st Meeting, 6pm:  Judgement of Paris, by George M. Taber

May 1st Meeting, 6pm:  Women of the Vine, by Deborah Brenner