A Breath of Fall Air

This week we’re pausing for a moment to catch our breath & raise our glass to a successful #Hallowine weekend – the best & smoothest we’ve had since first joining in the fun in 2012!

Thank you 100 times over to our amazing team (both my normal crew, and the auxiliary staff who stepped in to give us a hand for this busy weekend), and the 2000+ guests who had a great time out on the Niagara Wine Trail USA, while still remaining respectful and courteous, & treating our winery like our home (because it is!) 💙

We always appreciate your support- you really do keep this small farm family running, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!
Perhaps you’ll join us for our 3rd Annual Nouveau Night 2019, happening Thursday, November 21 @ 5pm! Tickets are just $18 a person (and include a bottle of our not yet released 2019 Leon Nouveau wine – which you’ll get to bottle, cork and label all on your own!) 🍷 
Call Danielle at 716-731-3316 to #uncorkNWT and make a reservation!

Until then, may you never be short on love, laughter, and good wine!
-The DeMaison Family